O4W Workouts – Week of 6/24-6/28

Monday 6/24

“Walk It Out” – Short Intense: 14 Min AMRAP

– 2 KB Racked Lunge to Cone 1: R:(40+/30+), W:(30+/20+), B:(20+/15+)

– 2 KB Farmer Carry to Cone 2

– 5 Non-Push up Burpees

– 2 KB Racked Lunge to Cone 3: R:(40+/30+), W:(30+/20+), B:(20+/15+)

– 2 KB Farmer Carry to Cone 24

– 5 Non-Push up Burpees


2 Mins off to get in groups and set up relay!


“Cool Runnings”:  Teams 4 (2 Run Stairs / 2 Run around the building with a MB) –

14 Minutes

– 2 People will be doing Stair sprints in a I go you go fashion

– Other 2 are running around the building handing a MB back and forth

– Once the 2 partners are back from their run, they will hand the other two the MB and switch stations

– We will continue in this fashion for 14 minutes trying to see how many rounds the team can run around the building

Tuesday 6/25

3 x 10 min EMOMs 1 min rest b/t

Perform the prescribed # of reps of the primary exercise and then finish out the minute on the secondary exercise


R: 14 W: 12 B: 10

EMOM 1:  

Min 1: KB Swings →  Plank Rotations

Min 2: MB Slams (using the MB we have next to the KB) →  Hollow Hold



Push Ups →  Prone Swimmers

Heavy Rope Slams →  Down Dog Toe Touches



Power Strokes on the Rower →  row at a pace 20-30 sec slower than power stroke pace  


Wednesday 6/26

HIIT Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears playlist on spotify)

6 rounds of 3 min / 2 min rest b/t rounds

Each exercise 45 sec with a running clock

– Wall balls

– Burpees

– Situps (or Star Crunches)

– KB High Pulls (or Goblet Cleans) R:(60+/45+), W:(45+/35+), B:(30+/25+)


Thursday 6/27

KB Strength and Conditioning


KB Partner Strength: 15 min

6-5-4-3-2 reps with a partner (I go, you go)


2 KB Squats

KB Bent Over Row (each side)

2 KB Suitcase DL


Early finishers: Pullup practice

5 Scapula Pullups (hang from bar with straight arms, engage lats/scap, disengage/lower, repeat)

Max Active Hollow Hang from bar

Max Flexed Arm Hang with chin over the bar (pullup or chin up grip)



KB Conditioning: 13 min

3 x 2 min AMRAPs: Working on a 6-min continuously running clock. Rest 1 min and repeat.

(2 bells needed: 1 bell for 1st and 3rd / 1 bell for 2nd)


1st 2 min: 5 x Goblet Squat / 5 x High Pull

2nd 2 min: 6 x 1 arm Push Press (total) / 6 x 1 KB Clean (total)

3rd 2 min: 8 x KB Swings (same as goblet squat and high pull) / 8 x Goblet Step Back Lunge (total)

Rest 1 min and repeat   


Friday 6/28

The Amazing Race Trivia Run (Partner Workout)


Campers will run a building lap (together) and must complete 100 reps combined of 2 exercises (inside of the gym), before getting their 1st question. If they answer correctly, they will move on to the second round. If not, they must perform 10 burpees each before going on their run.    


Round 1) Beltline Loop / 100 Squats and 100 Star Crunches (total)

Round 2) Beltline Loop / 100 Push ups and 100 Mtn Climbers (each side)

Round 3) Beltline Loop / 100 DU (300 Singles) and 100 Superman