O4W Workouts – Week of 7/2-7/6

“Conditioning Week”

Monday 7/2

UpHill Battle @ Freedom Park

Resisted uphill Sprints: 14 min

[These will be performed on the paved path heading up into the park on the corner of Freedom and Ralph McGill]


Groups of 4:

P1-2) Resisted uphill Sprints (from the bottom of the hill, all the way up until it levels out). One sprints while other hold band, switch and repeat before switching positions with P3&4

P3-4) AMRAP: 10 reps of – Ninjas / Push ups / Squats (Non-Runners add: Side Lunges [total] / Mtn Climbers the hard way [total] and stay on AMRAP for full 14 min)


Then, jog class to the Playground on the corner of North and Freedom

12-Min Conditioning: 30 sec each exercise for 4 rounds  

Step ups (Box Jumps)

Jumping Jacks

Squat Jumps

Mtn Climbers

Star Crunches

Rest :30

Tuesday 7/3

Tower of Tara (re-test from 4/24)

30 Wall Balls B – 20  

30 Burpees  B – 20  

20 Wall Ball  B – 15

20 Burpees B – 15  

10 Wall Balls

10 Burpees

1600m Run (2 laps around the building) B – 800 meter run/1 lap around building


Early finishers: Pullup practice

  • 5 Scapula Pullups (hang from bar with straight arms, engage lats/scap, disengage/lower, repeat)

  • Max Active Hollow Hang from bar

  • Max Flexed Arm Hang with chin over the bar (pullup or chin up grip)

  • Repeat



Wednesday 7/4

No Class on July 4th

Thursday 7/5

The Heavy Breather

6 stations / :45 sec of work / :15 sec of rest/transition

1 min of rest after all 6 stations

Repeat for 4 RNDS total


Jump Rope (sub barrier/lateral jumps if needed for space)

Row (on erg)


Step Back Lunges   

Heavy Rope Slams

KB Headcutters


Friday 7/6

FitWit Agility Course (22-min)

In teams of 3, Campers will be rotating through 3 Stations:

  1. Agility Course (Timekeeper)

  2. Dumbbells

  3. Kettlebells

Campers will complete 2 laps through the Agility Course, then they will switch with their Teammates: Agility > DB > KB

KB and DB exercises will be performed in the center of the gym. Around the outside perimeter of the gym we will setup the following course, starting at the outside of the office and going counter clockwise:

1 Agility Ladder: Campers will do in and outs

Orange Hurdles: Barrier Jumps

5 Yellow Bars: Tabletop crawl through

1 Agility Ladder (directly across the other ladder): In and outs

4 Big Wooden Boxes: Box Jumps or step ups

Then High Knees and/or Butt Kicks around until they reach the 1st Agility Ladder again and REPEAT


DB AMRAP: 6 x Lateral to Front Raises / 6 x See Saw Press (each side)

KB AMRAP: 6 x Goblet Squats / 6 x KB Swings


Finish with 7 min Core Work :

4 Min Rolling Plank :15 Plank :15 Right Side :15 Plank :15 Left Side * Repeat

:30 Hollow Hold / :30 Superman Hold

:30 Toe Touches / :30 Alternating Supermans

1 Minute Rolling Hollow to Superman