O4W Workouts – Week of 7/23-7/27

Monday 7/23

Stealers Wheel: Aka – Stuck in The Middle With You

3 Rounds

6 Stations – 1 Minute Work at Each Station

:15 Second Rest Transition between Stations

1 Minute Rest between Rounds

Station 1: Erg or Bike (Bike: :20 work/:20 rest/:20 work)

Station 2: High Plank Hold

Station 3:  2KB Push Press R:(30+,25+), W:(25+,20+), B:Goblet (25+,20+)  

  • 8 Reps at a time. Bells down, shake out, repeat.

Station 4: Lateral Box Shuffle

Station 5: Parking lot sprint (rest remainder of the minute and get set up on wall)

Station 6: Wall Sit


Finish as a group on:

6 Min Partner Assisted Hamstring Curls:  Switch every :30 Seconds 3 RNDS Each


Tuesday 7/24

A Mano (and foot)

2k Run assessment (non-runners will be doing assessed 2k row) – reassessment from 5/1

There and back. Blue run = corner of Venkman’s/Emory Health Building and back


After Party:

3 x 4 min Tabata Rounds (:20 sec on / :10 sec off x 8)

Alternate b/t 2 exercises exp: :20 sec Pullup / :10 sec off / :20 sec Jump rope / :10 sec off ….continue with those 2 exercises for 4 min. Give :30 sec – 1 min of rest then move to the next 2 exercises.

1) Pull ups (if unassisted, do as many as you can then hang the remaining of the 20 sec./ if assisted, do pull ups the full :20 sec ) + Jump Rope

2) Tabata Inch Worm Crawls + Ninjas

3) Side Lunges + Hip Bridge Hold



Wednesday 7/25

HIIT Hop, the HIITY, the HIITY to the HIIT HIIT Hop You Don’t Stop!

3 x 9-min Stations

:30 sec each movement / 4 movements to get through for 4 rounds / quick :15 rest after every 2 min RND = 9 min of work / 90 second rest between stations

Big MB Station

MB Knees to Chest

MB Situp and Press  

MB Toe Taps

Wall Balls or MB Thruster

:15 sec rest


Yellow Bar Station



Push Ups

Knee tuck to extension (Blue take extension away)

:15 sec rest


Body weight

Squat shuffle (from squat position step to the right, half way through switch directions)

Leg lifts (with heel to sky raise at top)

Rocket Jumps

Grasshoppers (knee to opposite elbow from high plank position)

:15 sec rest


Finish with core work or extended stretch


Thursday 7/26

The Fit Parade (30-min AMRAP)

Complete a parking lot lap as follows: overhead slide R, overhead slide L, high knees, sprint, jog to gym. [non-runners = 15 cal sprint on the bike or 200 m sprint on the erg]

12 1-Arm Thrusters (total) [R – 45+/35+ W – 35+/25+, B – 25+/15+]

12 Burpees

12 KB Marches (6/side) (with 2-sec pause at top) (use thruster bells)



Friday 7/27

2 x 15 min Stations (2 min Rest b/t stations)  


3 x 5-min Partner Strength (I go, you go) – partner with someone you can share bells with, as needed.

5-min: 6 x 2KB Front Squats R:(55+/40+) W:(45+/35+) B:(35+/25+)

5-min: 20x Swings R:(60+/45+) W:(45+/35+) B:(40+/30+)

5-min: 10x (Total 5/Side) KB Bent Rows R:(60+/45+) W:(45+/35+) B:(40+/30+)


15 min Conditioning EMOM:

1st Min: 20 Slam Ball  (20/15) W: 20 Slam Ball (15+/12)  B: 15 Slam Ball (12/10)

2nd Min: 15 V-ups  W: 15 Lemon Squeezes B: 15 Knees to chest

3rd Min: 40 DU W: 100 Singles B: 80 Singles