O4W Workouts – Week of 7/9-7/13

Monday 7/9

Newbie Day 1


“The House of Pain A.K.A Jump Around ” 30 Minute Time Cap (retest from 10/26)

For Time: (R – 5 Rnds) (W – 4 Rnds) (B – 3 Rnds) (P – 3 Rnds)

40 Double Unders (RED) W – Count Attempts or 200 Singles, B – 120 Singles

40 Squats (B – 30 Squats)

20 Burpees (B – 15 Newbie Burpees)

Early Finishers

Pull Up Progression: or 3 Sets Max Reps

  • Dead hang / Attempt

  • Assisted (Band,Partner,TRX)

  • Negatives


Tuesday 7/10

Newbie Day 2: KB instruction


The Buddy System

4 x 6 min Stations Where partners are working at the same time but on different exercises.


Station 1:

P1: Row 250 meters (increase by 50 meters each time) a

P2: Hollow Hold/Plank Hold (alternate each round)


Station 2:

P1:  Cat Crawl / Bear crawl / Monkey Crawl (alternate each round)

P2:  2 KB Alternating Push Press


Station 3:

P1: 8 Horizontal Rows

P2: Active Bar Hang


Station 4:

P1: Walking Lunges (width of the gym)

P2: OH Black Bar (or PVC) Squats


Wednesday 7/11

Motown HIITs

3 Rounds with 1 min rest b/t Rounds

:30 / :30 / :30


Jumping Lunges

Side Lunges

Step Back Lunges


:30 sec Rest


KB Swings

Hamstring Walkouts

Hip Bridge Hold


:30 sec Rest


Tricep Push-ups

KB Tricep Extensions

Assistant Band Tri. Pull Apart


:30 sec Rest


Hollow Crunches

Roll Ups


:30 sec Rest


Mountain Climbers

T-Stand (Side plank to side plank)

Shoulder Taps


Thursday 7/12

Newbie Day 2: KB instruction


Vets: 15 min  Partner KB Complex + Core

  • Core Moves: Active Bar Hang, Plank, Side Plank, Side Plank, Repeat

  • Partner #1 New KB Complex

1x 1-Arm Swing

2x Clean

3x Squat

4x Step Back Lunge (stepping back with opposite leg from bell)

  • Switch same on Left Side.

  • Partner #2 Core


Rest 2 Mins/ Set up Partner KB Carry Series:


12 Minute Carry & Hold Series: AMRAP

Partner # 1 Carry Series (In Middle of the Gym)

4x Touches 2KB  Farmer Carry: 2xKB (70+/50+)

4x Touches (ES) Suitcase 1xKB  (70+/50+)

4x Touches(ES) Overheard: 1xKB @ (53+/35+)

Partner #2 Holds Series: (Against Walls in Gym)

Wall Sit

Kettlebell Extended Arm Hold (pressing bell out from chest)

Yellow Bar Hold B: V Hold / Ab Rocker Hold

  • Switch Off Hold Once Partner Finishes Carry.


Friday 7/13

O4W Fun in the Sun (18 min)

Have campers Partner up and grab 1 MB (for the both of them) as we head out the door and to the right, goin up Ralph McGill to the grassy area right off the road (the top of O4W Park) Once we are have one partner start on the run (time keeper) and the other partner on the AMRAP.



Straight down the path that goes down the middle of the park, go down the first set of stairs, then turn around and come back.



8 MB Thrusters

8 MB Sit-up and Double Press

8 MB Push-ups (one hand on the ball for 4 reps then switch)

8 MB Overhead Walking Lunges

Finish with core work