O4W Workouts – Week of 8/13-8/17

Monday 8/13

2 x 15 min Partner Stations


1) Travelers Delight:

One partner works while the other rests, switch, repeat.

5 x 2 KB Squats to Racked Carry (width of the gym and back)  

4 x 2 KB KB Suitcase back step lunges (each leg) to Suitcase Carry (width of the gym and back)  

3 x 1 Arm KB Push press (R) to Overhead carry (width of gym), repeat on other side and overhead carry back  


2) Pacesetter:

10 x Stair sprints (total) – I go, you go.

Run to the Beltline posts – Both Partners at the same time.

Broad jumps up the hill – I go, you go.

Run through the parking lot back to the gym – Both Partners at the same time.

25 Double Unders or 50 Singles for remaining time (to be performed in front of the gym until time is called) – I go, you go.


Tuesday 8/14

Fifty Shades of Fitness

R – 50 Reps, W – 40 Reps, B – 30 Reps

Pushups R (toes), W(at least ½ on toes), B (knees)


Lunges (ea leg)

KB Swings R (60+/45+) W (45+/35+) B (30+/25+)


KB High Pulls R (50+/40+) W (40+/30+) B (30+/20+)  

Side Plank Hip Touches (ea side)

Double Unders W (Count attempts OR 200 singles) B (150 singles)

Wall Balls  R (20/15+), W (15+/12), B (12/10)

Star Jumps B (sub squats)

Early Finisher:

Slow strength/mobility work

20 Inner and outer leg lifts per side (laying on your side)

10 hip circles/leg (rotating in a circle, forward & back =1)

5 Hamstring Walks (walk heels out and back x 5)


Wednesday 8/15

Down The Mountain

4 x 7 min Rounds – working on a continuously running 7 min clock at both stations

  1. Air Bike (partner up if needed): 60 on 60 off / 50 on 50 off / 40 on 40 off / 30 on 30 off / 20 on 20 off / 10 on 10 off

  2. Plank and Hollow Hold (60/60)

Speed Squats (adv. Squat Jumps) and Side Lunges (50/50)

Mtn Climbers and Handstand hold (down dog hold) (40/40)

Sprinter Sit Ups and Ski abs (30/30)

Burpees and Squat Hold (20/20)

High Knees and Tuck Jumps  (10/10)

Thursday 8/16

30 Minute AMRAP: Unilateral

8x (Each Side) Jungle Gym SA Rows

8x (Each Side) Goblet KB Step Downs R:(50+/40+)W:(40+/30+)B:(30+/20+)

8x (Each Side) Kneeling Single Arm Press R:(45+/35+)W:(35+/25+)B:(25+/15+)

8x (Each Side) Single Leg Staggered Stance Deadlift  R:(53+/40+)W:(40+/30+)B:(30+/20+)  


Shake up b/t Rounds: Ralph McGill Run / 400 meter Row / 2 min Bike @ 60% (half their :30 sec sprint watts and add 50 watts to determine 60%)    

Friday 8/17

Thruster/Burpee Challenge  

Working with a partner who is doing the same color version in terms of BURPEE COUNT. Every minute on the minute, perform 8 reps of 2 KB Thrusters, then perform burpees for the remaining time.  Partners switch every MINUTE until they complete the prescribed # of burpees.

RED – 90/60, 100 Burpees

WHITE – 70/50, 80 Burpees

BLUE – 50+/30+, 60 Burpees

With remaining time, finish with a team game – working in teams of 3-4

The goal is to be the first team to get through all of these Team tasks in the fastest time. Teams move in order of the board.

– Team 400m Run to Blue Mailbox and Back – as soon as runners return, they can start chipping away at the jump rope total, even before all of their team has arrived.

– 1000 jump rope singles (everyone can jump at the same time)

– 1000m row: Switch every 250 meters

– MB Toss x 2 Parking Lot Laps (2 balls in play per team, team members switch every 3 throws)

– Finish with one parking lot lap of lunges: at least 2 lunging at a time, switching with teammates as needed.