O4W Workouts – Week of 8/20-8/24

Monday: 8/20

60 sec Round Robin

1 min Rest between rounds / 4 times through

Active Bar Hangs

JG Horizontal Rows

Black Bar OH Lunges 

Big MB Knees To Chest


Hollow Crunches




Tuesday: 8/21

3 x 10 min EMOMs 1 min rest b/t

Perform the prescribed # of reps of the primary exercise and then finish out the minute on the secondary exercise


R: 12 W: 10 B: 8

EMOM 1:  

Min 1: KB Swings →  Plank Rotations

Min 2: Slam Ball →  Hollow Hold



Min 1: Push Ups →  Prone Swimmers

Min 2: KB Goblet Squats →  Down Dog Toe Touches



Power Strokes on the Rower →  row at a pace 20-30 sec slower than powerstroke pace  




Wednesday: 8/22

Tabata (14-min) –

3 x 4 min Stations with 1 min rest after each station

Heavy Ropes: Big Slams / Alt small waves (switch every interval)

Jungle Gym: Tricep Press / Bicep Curl (switch every interval)

MB: Wall Ball


Remaining Time:

In teams of 3-4 Rotate b/t these 3 exercises

Ralph McGill Lap B: Parking Lot Lap [time keeper]

KB Row (10 reps per arm then rest the remaining time)

Jump Rope  



Thursday: 8/23

Extended Warm up: Group 7 Minute 7 Way Hips: Tabata Clock :20/:10

– Leg Lift

– Front Kick

– Back Kick

– Front & Back Kick

– Forward Circles

– Backwards Circles  

– Bicycle Kick

  • Switch Sides


Then, Go into our KB Strength day

Stations: Heavy Bells & Complexes: 2×15 min stations


Station 1:  Heavy Kettlebell 5×5’s – Partner “I Go You Go” 15 Mins to get through all the lifts.

  • 5×5 2KB Squat R:(53+/45+)W:(40+/35+)B:(30+/25+)

  • 5×5 2KB Suitcase Deadlift  R:(60+/53+)W:(45+/40+)B:(35+/30+)

  • 5×5 2KB Push Press R:(53+/40+) W:(40+/30+) B:(30+/20+)


1-2 Minute Rest Transition:


Station 2: KB Complex – 4 RNDS

:30 Swing R:(60+/53+)W:(45+/40+)B:(35+/30+)

:30 Right Arm Cleans (Dead Stop / Swing Clean)

:30 Left Arm Cleans (Dead Stop / Swing Clean)

:30 Left Leg 1 KB Racked Stepback Lunge

:30 Right Leg 1 KB Racked Stepback Lunge

Shake up lap around the parking lot


Friday: 8/24

Uphill Battle vs. Parking Lot Parkour

Resisted uphill Sprints: 14 min

[These will be performed on the paved path heading up into the park on the corner of Freedom and Ralph McGill]


Groups of 4:

P1-2) Resisted uphill Sprints (from the bottom of the hill, all the way up until it levels out). One sprints while other hold band, switch and repeat before switching positions with P3&4

P3-4) AMRAP: 10 reps of – Ninjas /  Squats / Push ups (Non-Runners add: Side Lunges [total] / Mtn Climbers the hard way [total] and stay on AMRAP for full 14 min)


Then, jog back to the Parking lot, where we will have set up cones every ¼ of the way.


Parking Lot Parkour (for the remaining time): Complete 10 reps of a certain exercise at each cone. Use a different travel exercise going from cone to cone.


Cone 1: Shoulder Taps (each)       Traveling exercise to Cone 2: Broad Jumps  

 Cone 2: Jumping Jacks           Traveling exercises to cone 3: Defensive Slide

 Cone 3: Power Lunge with knee Drive (total) Travel exer. To cone 4: Defensive Slide

 Cone 4: Sumo Squats            Travel exercise back to cone 1: Traveling High Knees