O4W Workouts – Week of 9/17-9/21

Monday 9/17

Rise n’ Grind


6 x 2 KB Thrusters R: 40+/30+ W: 30+/25 B: 25+/15+

6 x 2 KB Suitcase Lunges (total) (using thruster weights)

10 x Burpees

Run Parking Lot Lap

Early finisher mobility work:

Wall Hip Flexor (Couch) Stretch – 60 sec per side

Bar Hang – passive hang for 60 sec

Pigeon Pose – 60 sec per side


Tuesday 9/18

5 RNDS: 4 min work / 2 min rest

Count total reps performed over 4-min RND

:30 per exercise – 2x thru


Wall Ball 20/15 15/12 12/10

V-up (mod = lemon squeezes)

KB High Pull 55+/45+ 45+/35+ 35+/25+

Box Jumps  (mod = plate jumps)



Wednesday 9/19

O4W Historical Park off Ralph McG (outdoor Hiit)


4 Times through

:45 sec Work / :15 sec of Rest


Black Bar Over Head Lunge

Leg Lifts (adv. Black Bar Leg Lifts [hold the bar over your chest with extended arms and keep your shoulder blades off the ground])

Push Ups

Black Bar Squats (adv. Squat jumps)

Mountain Climbers

Stair Run (to the splash pad and back)


Rest 1 min and repeat


Thursday 9/20

Hells Bells


15 min  Partner KB Complex + Core:

  • Core Moves: Active Bar Hang, Plank, Side Plank, Side Plank, Repeat

  • Partner #1 New KB Complex

1x 1-Arm Swing

2x Clean

3x Squat

4x Step Back Lunge (stepping back with opposite leg from bell)

  • Switch same on Left Side.

  • Partner #2 Core


Rest 2 Mins/ Set up Partner KB Carry Series:


12 Minute Carry & Hold Series: AMRAP

Partner # 1 Carry Series (In Middle of the Gym)

4x Touches 2KB  Farmer Carry: 2xKB (70+/50+)

4x Touches (ES) Suitcase 1xKB  (70+/50+)

4x Touches(ES) Overheard: 1xKB @ (53+/35+)

Partner #2 Holds Series: (Against Walls in Gym)

Wall Sit

Kettlebell Extended Arm Hold (pressing bell out from chest)

Yellow Bar Hold B: V Hold / Ab Rocker Hold

  • Switch Off Hold Once Partner Finishes Carry.


Friday 9/21

FitWit Wheel of Destiny 4 x 8 min

Buy In Reps count will be determined by what the team (4-6 people) spins. Start the 8-min clock as soon as all teams spin the wheel. As soon as they are done with their buy in, they go right into the AMRAP for the remainder of the 8-min clock.

Row Station

No buy in

8- min continuous Row

At the top of every min, increase stroke rate by 2 (starting @ 20 SPM)

KB Station

Spin: 2 KB Squat

10 reps of:

Box Jumps

Goblet Side Lunge (total)

Goblet Cleans

Jungle Gym Station

Spin: Burpees

10 reps of:

JG Hamstring Curls

JG Hip Bridge

JG Single Arm Rows (total)

Bodyweight Station

Spin: Run parking lot lap(s)

10 reps of:

Sumo Squats (Adv. Side Lunges [total])

T-Push ups (total)

Sit-Outs (total) Sit-out mod