October Member of the Month Sarah A. (Kirkwood)

With much excitement, our October member of the month goes out to Sarah A.! She’s been part of the regular attending 6 a.m. crew and has been IRREPLACEABLE since. She’s an outstanding part of the FitWit community: attending socials, motivating and encouraging other members (I heard she once carried a member’s heavy sandbag and ran an extra lap for them during a tough workout). Besides being a great team player, she’s also put in the work and recovery to help get her diastasis recti almost 100% heal. Read on to learn more about Sarah! That’s dedication. Read on to learn more about Sarah!


Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Age: 40

Occupation: Lawyer

When did you first start FitWiting? I started taking TRX classes in November 2016 and moved to camp classes in April 2017.

Tell us about your sports & fitness background: I’ve always been active—dabbling in hot yoga, spin classes, and cardio machines at the Y–but in 2015, I started running. I quickly became hooked, and even did a marathon in 2016. While I felt like I was “in shape,” I knew that it was recommended for women-of-a-certain-age to incorporate strength training. I had never even seen a kettlebell before!

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting FitWit? I had three children from 2011-2015, and I gained 60 pounds with each one. That took a heavy toll on my body and my mind. FitWit helped me regain the confidence that I lost during that time. My running has improved, my body feels strong and capable, and I had a significant diastasis recti that is almost completely healed!

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on FitWit that were totally unexpected? The strength I’ve gained has given me the ability to try new things, including a Tough Mudder and wheelchair push racing. I did my first solo push in a half marathon recently. I would have never attempted these things before FitWit, and they have brought me a great sense of accomplishment.

Why do you FitWit? What else would I be doing at 6 am?? FitWit changed my mind about group exercise. The camaraderie, encouragement from the trainers, and the variety of workouts keeps me motivated. I appreciate the whole-body approach to fitness and emphasis on being functional and mobile.

Favorite workouts? Wall balls! Ropes. Pure strength workouts.

Least favorite workouts? THE AIR BIKE. Timed runs. Anything that requires counting and/or math.

Three words to describe you: Determined. Positive. Multitasker.

Any favorite FitWit moments? When I stopped being intimidated by (and actually started enjoying) team/relay/partner workouts. Also, I was in the first class that Liz taught at FitWit. It has been awesome to watch her progression as a trainer!

Fitness Goals? I’m in better shape now than I was 10 years ago. I want to be able to say the same thing in 10 years.

Words to live by? “I’d rather regret the things I have done than regret the things I haven’t done.”

Something cool we don’t know about you? Growing up, we hosted foster children in our home. We ultimately adopted three of those children, and I went from the oldest of three siblings to the oldest of six. I thought it would be meaningful to get a tattoo with the first letter of all of our names…except there are no vowels, so it ended up looking like one of those crazy puzzles from Wheel of Fortune.

Anything else you’d care to share? I just want to thank Ethan, Liz and Ginger, as well as the 6 am crew, for keeping me coming back for more. Being comfortable in my body, with a focus on being strong instead of being a certain size or shape, helps me to set a positive example for my girls. Oh, and if those air bikes mysteriously disappear one day, it wasn’t me.