Partner Strength Endurance – Thursday, March 23 (O4W)



Partner Strength Endurance:

When working through the board you will perform the first exercise for all sets before moving on to the next exercises of that round. The rest is when your partner is working, but should be an immediate switch when they are done. There should be no stopping until all sets are complete. After that round is complete they will rest and move to the next round of their choice.

1. 6 Front Squats X4 , 10 Box jumps X3 (8W, 5 blue), 20 body weight squats X2 (15 W, 10 Blue),

2. 6 Suitcase DL X 4 (heavy but with perfect form), 15 swings X3, 20 hip bridge raise X 2

3. 6 strict OH press X 4 (first two set should be easy), 10 1 arm thrusters/arm (lighter weight), 20 band side/front raise (10 per/switch each rep)

4. Pull-ups X3 (first set should be 8, and will decrease after), 10 1 arm row/side X3, 20 band rows X2 (if they did pull-ups Wed, watch their volume here or move them to anther station)

5. Sprints: 20m – 30m – 40m X 2. Sprint 20m walk/jog back to start, 30m, 40m, repeat 1 more time for all three. (Row option: 100m- rest :20, 200m- rest :20, 300- rest :20, repeat)

The Blue version will be one less set of each exercise.