QuaranTeam Game Winners!

The QuaranTeam Games are complete, the participants have crossed the finish line and the results are in! This challenge we focused on 5 major pillars of health: nutrition, water, sleep, exercise and stress relief.  During the last four weeks, we followed the Whole30 Program and practiced daily habits to help build a better mindset around nutrition and health. Mastering small habits at a time is what helps make your nutrition habits sustainable which leads to lasting changes and results.

While this challenge definitely felt different during a pandemic, participants did a great job encouraging one another in a team setting using the app GroupMe. We were able to meet virtually to cheer each other on, share challenges and celebrate successes. More than any other challenge what it seemed participants took away the most is practicing grace towards themselves when food choices or exercises didn’t go “perfectly.” Instead of focusing on perfection, changing their mindset towards progress and consistency. What a great thing to practice and grow in, especially during these challenging times. This mindset also helps tremendously with breaking away from “all or nothing” thinking and developing and keeping sustainable habits.

While focusing on the 5 pillars of health, challengers practiced making specific habits to practice. Here a few sustainable habits that people plan to continue after the challenge that worked well for them.

“I leared that I really need to workout before my kids wake up. Otherwise my workout goes out the window.  Also drinking water and eating Whole30 compliant meals for dinner are huge for me. I feel so much better when doing those two things.” ~Mara

” I learned to focus on one thing at a time. Focusing on too many things at once is an easy recipe for failure and feelings of defeat.” ~Andrea

“I will continue to look for new ways to incorporate veggies into my breakfast.” ~Rebecca

“I’ve started drinking a glass of water when I wake up which I like and plan to continue as well as waking up about 45 minutes before my kids to get my own quiet time in the morning.” Jennifer

“I’ve learned that doing this during quarantine with a full-time job, three kids homeschooling and all the “stuff” that goes with that is extremely challenging but that I CAN and SHOULD do things FOR MYSELF.” ~Melanie

This Challenge we placed participants into small teams to help cheer each other on. They were able to reach out to their group anytime for encouragement during tough days while family member were baking, share recipes that were a hit with the family, as well as share in struggles and successes. It was truly one of the best aspects of the challenge seeing the community spur each other on!

While the challengers did a great job sticking to the Whole30 program, the QuaranTeam Challenge is WAY MORE than what to eat and what not to eat.  Participant kept track of how much water they drank (at least 60 ounces a day), sleep (goal of at least 7 hours a night), and exercise throughout the week. We also focused on meal prepping, eating slowly and without distraction, eating more veggies and increasing our protein.

All of these practices encourage you to view your health holistically and to learn how all these things impact your nutrition choices. This allows you to become more aware of how your habits impact your health and what changes you need to make that are best for YOU. Realizing your mindset towards food and your eating habits can empower you to make different nutrition choices that are best for you! Check out more things the challengers learned…

“I definetly need to meal prep in advance or early in the day so I don’t fall in not wanting to cook. Taking time to log my daily habits was also very enlightening.” ~Jennifer

“I learned that I feel better and have less cravings if I eat whole foods, drink lots of water, and exercise for 20 minutes a day. Prepping veggies and proteins ahead of time increses my changes of eating a healthy meal.” ~Jenn

“I’ve learned that it’s pretty easy to sneak a veggie or two into just about anything. I plan to keep up that habit.” ~Karen

“I’ve learned that as long as I have healthy snacks prepped, I wont reach for the chips when I’m hungry. I eat a healthy snack so I don’t get to that ‘I’m so hungry’ point that I overeat at mealtime.” ~Amy

“I love drinking a glass of water when I first wake up and turning the water to cold at the end of my shower!” ~Lisa

“I will continue to read food labels carefully and meal planning. I was shocked at how much fat I lost simply by changing my diet for a month. Amazing!” ~Kenneth



These practices are so important to learn so you do not go on a downward spiral if you feel like you have eaten something “bad.” Challengers really learned that if you make a choice that is not in line with your goals that doesn’t mean all is lost. Instead, changing their mindset to pick right back up and keep moving forward.

Now onto the winning team… drumroll, please… 

For the MOST POINTS EARNED over 4 weeks is:

TEAM RENELL!!! Give a big round of applause to these members:

Andrea W, Colleen D, Jennifer L, Kelly T, Kenneth C, Mara S, Rebecca A, and Sam B.

They will be the proud owners their very own QuaranTeam T-Shirt (sure to become a coveted FitWit vintage tee). If you see them be sure to give them a big air high-five for all their hard work.

There is a lot to be proud of through everyone’s accomplishments during this Challenge. If you would like help with your Nutrition Goals check out our Silver Coaching Program for weekly support and accountability.  . If you have questions about nutrition reach out to Coach Sandybell any time at [email protected]