QuaranTeam Games: A Healthy Habit Challenge

The Details:

Each May, we do a gym-wide nutrition challenge. As always, this challenge also includes exercise, mindset and fun! This challenge is a way for you to focus on your health and practice sustainable habits in a way that works best for you and your current circumstances.

You will be playing not only for yourself, but for your District in our first ever FitWit QuaranTeam Games. Your District will be captained by one of our coaches. Should your District emerge victorious, your whole team will win a shirt with the QuaranTeam Games logo. Individual prizes will be awarded along the way, as a portion of your entry fee ($39) will cover gift cards to local businesses.  NOTE: We’ll also have a $79 option for those of you wanting to do a before and after InBody scan. We’ll ensure maximum spacing between appointments and distance with Sandybell when testing. 

This challenge will combine nutrition and lifestyle habits into a points-based challenge, focused on improving our daily habits in 5 specific categories:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Hydration
  • Sleep
  • Mindset

When you sign up, you’ll be placed on a team for your district, headed by one of our coaches. These teams are designed for support and not comparing your progress to others…just like in the gym we will have a you vs. you attitude. Consider it like a smaller support group within the larger context of the other 75 people in the challenge. This additional accountability is a great way to support each other and build a stronger community! Check out all the progress past participants have had:

“I can do hard things. Especially hard things that I have overthought to pieces and come up with a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t even try. This has probably been the most impactful part of this challenge for me.” ~Emily

” I plan to continue meal prepping and being mindful of what I eat; when I do have a “bad patch” it’s okay, just back onto focusing what is good for me.” Shelley

“A Challenge like this helped me to realize the importance of prep and setting small goals.” David

“I learned that sugar hides in nooks and crannies. I definitely slept better and drank more water.” Joey

Nutrition Guidelines:

We recognize everyone has specific nutritional needs, however, we believe there is an outline that works best for most people – eating whole, real foods. This includes lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, some fruit, healthy fats, and lots of water. There are a plethora of options when it comes to eating real foods. Think of these 28-days as an opportunity to really focus on your nutrition habits and to learn what foods make you feel yo’ best!

You have 2 nutrition plans to choose from:

*Note: The goal of this challenge is not to create stress or to reach perfection. However, it is an opportunity for you to practice progressing toward sustainable habits. We recognize we are living in a stressful and unknown time. We encourage you to pick a plan that will work best for you during this time.

Option 1: Strict Whole30– Your goal would be to follow Whole30 throughout the 28 days. Every time you eat a meal that is Whole30 compliant you get a point

Option 2: Whole30 Modified– You are following Whole30 however, you can add in legumes (beans), and pure whole grains such as: rice, quinoa, barley, etc. (still NO processed whole grains like whole wheat bread/pasta). Every time you eat a meal compliant with this you get a point.

“I am vegetarian/vegan, can I still participate in the challenge?”  YES! If you are vegetarian/vegan you can still participate! Here is a PDF that is helpful for pescetarians, vegetarians and vegans. IF you do not eat any meat then you are allowed to add in these additional protein resources during the challenge. of foods that you can eat during the challenge and which to avoid during the challenge. For questions please reach out to Maddie ([email protected]) 

How the Points Work

Earn points DAILY for each of the following: (we will provide you with a calendar to keep track of your points)

  • 1 point for eating a meal on plan (Max 3 pts/day – breakfast/lunch/dinner)*
  • 1 point/day for exercise (up to 5x/week)
  • 1 point for sleeping 7+ hours a day
  • 1 point for water 60+oz/day
  • Daily Task – Earn a point for completing the task on the calendar.
  • Every week you have the opportunity to earn BONUS points by practicing a weekly habit. These include:

Week 1. Meal Prepping

Week 2. Eat Slowly

Week 3. Eat more veggies 

Week 4. Eat more protein

What Is Included

    • FitWit Nutrition Resource Guide
    • Whole30 Program Rules
    • Individual check-ins– You will get weekly check-ins from your assigned nutrition coach to help you stay on track and troubleshoot problem areas.
    • Team Accountability – you will be put into districts (teams) of 6-10 to help cheer each other on!
    • Community support  through discussion on FaceBook in the private Eat Fit Group. And weekly emails from you challenge director
    • Virtual Quarantine Cooking Class and other talks, with Coach Maddie.
    • Prizes and raffles – Weekly raffles for all participants and a t-shirt for everyone on the winning team!
    • Unlimited support from your challenge director (Maddie Keller) and other participants
    • FOUR focused weeks to improve your diet and lifestyle habits!
    • Optional ($79): Before and after Inbody Scans. These are not required, but available if you find them helpful for your personal goals.

“The best way to avoid junk food is to not have it around. My kids will survive without a pantry full of not-so-good food. They can get that at their grandma’s house.” ~Carmen

“This whole process exceeded my expectations and opened my mind to a way of life without sugar, dairy and flour.” ~Chris

“I learned if I exercise more frequently I am more motivated to eat well.” ~Sharon

“I did modified Whole30 and allowed myself to eat rice and beans. I found this helped me to really enjoy my food and didn’t feel deprived. I learned what all sorts of apples taste like, and had fun trying new foods. I felt better overall!” ~MarySidney

How To Sign Up!

Option 1: $39This will cover the cost of unlimited support from your coach, support from your team, and a chance to win weekly raffles. PAY HERE

Option 2: $79Includes BEFORE and AFTER Inbody Scans. As well as unlimited support from your coach, support from your team, and a chance to win weekly raffles. PAY HERE

Raffles and Prizes

The goal of this challenge is to help you refocus your mindset on building healthy habits while having fun with the FitWit community. This go around we are not focusing on overall fat loss but rather how well you did at consistently practicing daily habits through our point system. 

While we will not have “winners” for most fat loss, you are welcome to still complete a before and after inbody scan if you feel this will help you with your personal goals. Scans will be done safely while practicing social distancing.

We will give out weekly raffles to individuals that include gift cards to support local businesses.  For the winning district your entire team will win a snazzy shirt with the QuaranTeam Games logo to wear proudly!

For any questions or concerns please contact the challenge director, Maddie Keller at [email protected]