Saturday July 14th – 3×8 minute AMRAPS

Saturday 7/14  

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

3x Thoracic Spine CARS 3x Hip Extension Lift Offs


3×8 minute AMRAPS + 1 minute of cardio after each AMRAP, 1:30-2 min rest between AMRAPS


10x KB Rows (R/W: Renegade Row on parallettes)

10x Walking lunges (each leg)

10x KB Goblet Strict Press

10x MT Climber the Hard Way (each leg)

1 minute Cardio: 1st white mailbox run


10x Single Leg Hamstring Runner

10x KB Swings

10x Plank Walks (2R, 2 L)

10x Sit Outs

Cardo: 1 Minute Burpees


10x T-spine Push Ups

10x Tuck Jumps (B: Squat Jumps/Squats)

10x MB Slams

10x Supermans (3 sec pause at top)

Cardio: Campers Choice-White mailbox run, 1 min burpees, 1 min bike, 1 minute jump rope)