Saturday July 15th = H.I.I.T Circuits

Saturday: 7/15

3×9 Minute Circuit – :30 per exercise – clock runs continuously. Rest 60-90 seconds between circuits

  1. Jumping Jacks

Mountain Climbers

High Plank Shoulder Taps

Dolphin Kicks

Plank Hold

Russian Twists

Mountain Jacks

High Knees

Rest 1 minute and repeat

2.        Squats

Broad jumps


Side Shuffles with Slamball (4 shuffles R, 1 slamball, 4 shuffles L, 1 Slamball)

Step back Lunges

Hollow Hold

Star Jumps

MB Toe Taps

Rest 1 minute and repeat

3.        Push Ups

Medball Jacks

Glute Hip Bridge Raises

Tuck Jumps

Bear Crawl (4 forward, 4 backwards)

Plank Walks (top of push up, 4 Right, 4 Left)

Parking Lot Loop Run (faster you complete the more you get to rest)