Saturday July 22nd – AMRAP + Cardio Blast

Saturday: 7/22

Station 1: AMRAP 15 Minutes

Dish Dive run, 10 Goblet Squats, 20 KB Goblet Push Presses (Lighter Weight), 10 KB Tricep Extensions, 10 Broad Jumps, 20 Curb Jumps, -Repeat-

Station 2:
Cardio Blast – The goal is to stay moving the entire time.  :30 sec per exercise, clock keeps running, rest :30 after every 4-min.  4 rounds (on last round, they’ll do each exercise for :20).
Prisoner Jacks
High Knees
Mtn Climber Pushups (4 mtn climbers, 1 pushup, repeat)  
Jumping Lunges
Speed Skaters
Inchworm Pushups