Saturday June 30th – “Summertime” EMOMs

Saturday 6/30

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

3x Thoracic Spine CARS 3x Hip Extension Lift Offs

“Summertime” EMOMs-5x5minute EMOMS, 1 minute rest between

R: 12 Reps W: 10x Reps B: 8x Reps P(newbies):6x Reps of first exercise

  1. Overhead Squats/Side Shuffles
  2. Pushups/ High Plank Hold
  3. Split Squats (R: Split Squat Hops)/Bear to crab walk
  4. KB Tricep Ext/Lateral High Knees (4 R/4 L)
  5. 1st min:Back Parking Lot Loop Sprint/Rest  2nd min: Burpees/Rest