Saturday March 17th – Luck of the Irish – 3×7 min AMRAP Stations

Saturday: 3/17

Saint Patrick’s Day

Luck of the Irish – 3×7 min AMRAP Stations

After campers complete the buy in, they draw a card from the deck which will be in a spot they have to travel to get to (depending on how big the class will dictate the location of the cards and/or traveling exercise). The # on the card dictates how many reps of each exercise they perform. After they finish all 3 exercises they run, crawl, jump, etc. to get another card and repeat until time is up. 90 sec min rest/instruction between AMRAPs


Station 1: Leaping Leprechauns

Buy-in: 20 Barrier Jump Burpees (over Yoga Block) (B: regular burpees)


Broad Jumps (set up cones)

Lateral Bounds (5 sec hold each leg)


Station 2: Potato Picking

Buy In: 300 M Run

KB Swings

Kneeling Windmill (each side)

Goblet Push Press


Station 3: Shamrock Shuffle

Buy In: 10 Back Parking Lot Sprints

Side Shuffle+slamball (4 to 1)

Heel Touches (per side)

Walking Pushups (2 walks R to Push up, 2 Left to push up)


Team Game: Pot of Gold Relay 5-6 Minutes

Split into groups of 4-8. Toss bean bags into crates. Run to the back of the line, if you make it 10 Jumping Jacks, miss it 3x Star Jumps. Team with the most points wins, all other teams do 10 Burpees. (Outdoor version: toss medballs into drawn chalk lines)