Speed School

60-minute training sessions to improve speed and explosiveness (ages 11-18)

Speed is a skill and it can be taught! And with our automated sprint timers, we won’t have to guess if you’re getting faster. You’ll see for yourself as your speed increases and your times go down.

Each training session is divided into five main parts:

  1. Warm-up – Dynamic drills to get the body ready to work
  1. Power/Explosiveness Drills – Teach explosiveness and improve rate of force development through a variety of jumping and plyometric drills
  1. Sprint Prep and Drills – Breaking down the phases sprinting and teaching various components of sprint technique with specific exercises and drills
  1. Timed Sprints – Using professional gate timers, we track, record and post exact times for a variety of distances. 
  1. Accessory Strength Work – Increasing overall mobility and controlling full range of motion requires strengthening the muscles and joints used during sprinting

FitWit Facility

10,000 sq ft with combination of matted weights area and large indoor turf area for drills

Outdoor running options for longer sprint distances

Access to sleds, bands, testing equipment and a variety of tools and implements to improve speed


Summer Schedule: May 31 – July 29

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3-4 pm

6 pack of classes ($139)

12-pack of classes ($259)


  • Members in our adult fitness classes receive a 10% discount on youth memberships. Use coupon code “fwmember” at checkout.
  • Siblings also receive a 10% discount. Use coupon code “sibling” at checkout for both kids. 

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