Strength & Endurance – Thursday, February 23 (O4W)



Posterior Gains:

Deadlifts – 

3 sets of 8 reps (increase weight next set if you successfully make it to 8 reps) choose either one.



  1. 2 x hang from bar with shoulders packed in hollow body position – (max hold OR 30 sec – shorter of the 2)


  1. 2 x Flexed Arm Hang Over Bar (hollow body position and control descent – this way you get a negative in there) (max hold)


  1. Full ROM pullups (unassisted, with band, or jungle gym; break into multiple sets as needed to get prescribed reps) (R-20, W-15, B-10)


Workout: To fit everyone in for bigger groups we’ll have them partner up. 1 partner will row & one JR, switch positions each round. If the group is larger than 16 we’ll have one group of 2 start first, and the second group start when the first group moves on to lunges

4 X 4 min stations (16 min): This should be done with weights that keep you moving so nothing too heavy.

1 min – KB Thrusters (weight you can do 10 reps+ unbroken – rest repeat)

1 min – weighted suitcase step back lunge

1 min – cardio (row/DU)

1 min rest


10 min EMOM: If the group is too big for everyone to fit on the bar we’ll use yellow bars for knees to chest. They should have around 30 sec to rest in round 1, adjust reps as needed.

– 5 toes to bar/knees to chest

– 8 Slam ball (use regular balls, but the ones with air in them)