Super Bowl Hangover – Monday, February 6 (O4W)



Posterior Gains:
Deadlifts –

3 sets of 12 reps (increase weight next set if you successfully make it to 12 reps) choose either one.


Pull-ups: 3 sets
1. 2 x hang from bar with shoulders packed in hollow body position – (max hold OR 30 sec – shorter of the 2)

2. 2 x Flexed Arm Hang (hollow body position and control descent – this way you get a negative in there) (max hold)

3. Full ROM pullups (unassisted, with band, or jungle gym; break into multiple sets as needed to get prescribed reps) (R-20, W-15, B-10)


Super bowl hangover (18-20 min Skill work)

1) Double under – Rx 100 – Wh 50 – Blue 25 (count attempts or 100, 50, 25 power singles –big DU jump with slow rope)

2) Heavy Swings – 5 sets of 20 (:30 rest b/t each)

3) Handstand push-ups progression – 3 sets of 10 handstand push-ups on wood box (hips over shoulders & hands), or inch worm hands out to push-up position with feet on box and walk the back to handstand X 5. Sub down dog for either of those still doing 3 sets

10 min AMRAP:

Parking lot lap (Non-runner 250m row)

20 lunges (total)

15 wallball

10 superman



Cool down:

Frogger: 10 reps w/ 3 second hold

Pigeon: 2 min/ leg

(Partner up pigeon & foam roll for bigger groups- foam roll first if small group)

Foam roll IT band & glutes: 2 min/ leg