Tabata & Team Game – Friday, February 24 (O4W)



Cardio workout:

Tabata :20/10 –  each exercise will be 3 min (6 rounds) followed by 2 rounds of JR ( 1 min). Rest 2 min b/t rounds

– Wallball

– Burpee

– Parking lot laps (Jog :20/ sprint :10) JR outside

Then for remainder of time:


Team Wheel of Fortune: Split gym up into 4-5 teams.

Trainer spins wheel to select exercise.


As a team you will complete 10 reps each of the given exercise (you can share reps).

The order of guessing on the phrase is by the teams that finishes the exercise first.

All the other teams hold plank while the guessing is happening.

If you guess a correct letter you keep guessing.

If you guess wrong you hold plank and the next team up guesses.

This will go until every team has guessed incorrect then we will spin the wheel again for the next exercise, and the race for the order of guessing teams will start over again.

When the puzzle has been solved the team that solves it stays in the gym all the other teams run a parking lot loop.


  • Exercises: 10 Reps
  • Lunges (Each Leg)
  • Band Curls
  • Toe Touches
  • Side Plank Touches (Each Side)
  • Jump Rope: 100 Single Each
  • Sit Ups
  • Push Ups
  • MTN Jacks