Team Competitions – Friday, January 27 (O4W)




Team Competition:


  1. Kettlebell move vs. Slam balls (around 2-3 min/round):

Team 1 chooses 6 people to move kbs as quickly as possible while at the same time team 2 will have 6 people doing slam ball. When team 1 brings all of the KB passed the line the slam balls will stop and count how many they did as a team. After the 2-3 min is up each team will switch positions. Team with the most slam ball wins.


So, as a team, you’d decide who is moving bells and who is doing slam ball. In some cases with a smaller team a few people might have to do both.


(Max out on 6-8 people moving bells, but can have as many as we want on slam ball)


  1. Max wall ball in 4 min with a teammate. I go, you go for 4 min. Most reps or best avg wins!


  1. Timed 1000m run with a partner: 1 partner sprints 1 lap & tags their teammate for the next lap. 6 laps total – 3/person. Lowest avg finishers win (1st =1, 2nd= 2, ….)


  1. Max burpees in 1 min. Most reps or highest Avg wins
  2. Tie breaker: Max sit-ups in 1 min


Non Team workout:

:30 x 4 exercises x 2 rounds = 4 min (1 min rest b/t rounds, As many rounds with remaining time)


– Hollow hold

– 1 arm KB squat high pull (switch arms as needed)

– Mtn Climbers the hard way

– Jump Rope