Team Row & Tabata – Wednesday, March 29 (O4W)



1. Team 2 min row relay : split gym up into groups of 4 (smaller groups split up to fit on all ergs, 2-3/team)

Each teammate will row for 2 min, and switch with partner (we’ll have a :10 clock for a transition where no one will be rowing). Whatever team rows the farthest after all 4 people have rowed wins!

Finish the day:

Each exercise will run for 2 round (1 min) and then switch with your partner in the :10 rest (quick transitions). 6 minutes per station. (Give the option of a :50/10 clock for any Red camper)

1) Alt Superman & ninjas
2) Goblet walking lunge & Russian twist
3) Yellow bar push-up & Spiderman plank
4) Plank leg lifts & Mountain climbers