The Kirk Workouts for The Week of 11/13-11/18 TEAM WEEK



3 Points

Attendance Point

Cone Grab Game

Running Sled Relay


Non Scored – 20 Min Circuit 5 Person Circuit:  :45/:15 x 4 = 20 Minutes of GO

  • STATION 1: 2KB Squats R(53+/45+)W(45+/35+)B(35+/25+)
  • STATION 2: Hollow Hold RND 1&3  / Heel Touches RND 2&4
  • STATION 3: 2KB Seesaw Press  R:(35+/30+)W:(25+/20+)B:(20+/15+)
  • STATION 4: Right Side Plank RND 1&3  /  Left Side Plank RND 2&4 R: Side Plank Reach Through
  • STATION 5: TRX Pull Press: Right RND 1&3 Left RND 2&4 B: RND 1&3 TRX Row, RND 2&4 TRX Tri Press
  • Rotate through the five moves for 20 Mins


Finish with:

Good vs. Evil Competition –

  1. Cone Grab: 
  2.  Running Sled Relay: 


Tuesday: 11/14

4 Points

Attendance Point

Jump Rope Point

The Blow Out Point

Ring Toss Point

Gimme 5 – 18 min. AMRAP Non Scored:  Increases rep count by 5 every round.

This doesn’t count towards team week points. Complete three exercises in the gym and run to Dish Dive than complete three different exercises before running again. Start with 5 reps of each exercise and increase rep count by 5 each round.


– KB Squat High Pulls, 2KB Clean [Swing Clean or Dead Clean], 2KB Stepback Lunge

– Dish Dive Run

– Pull Ups (TRX Rows), Dips, Push Ups

– Dish Dive Run


Followed by TEAM WEEK:

Good vs. Evil –

  1. Partner Jump Rope Relay:
  2. “The Blow Out” Air Bike Foam Roller Race:
  3. Burpee Ring Toss:


Wednesday: 11/15

3 Point

Attendance Point

Facebook Shout out Point.

Attend nutrition talk or wine down yoga


HIIT 4×5 Min Partner Stations

5 min stations with :30 Sec work windows flowing from the first move in the station to the second continuously running clock. 1st White Mailbox Run at the end of each Station. :90 sec rest transition Between stations.

Station 1: 5 Rounds Swings & Hip Bridge Holds

  • P1: 30 Sec KB Swing R:(60+/53+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • P2: 30 Sec Hip Bridge Hold R: Hip Bridge March

Station 2: 5 Rounds KB Stepback Lunge & Squats

  • P1: 30 Sec KB Goblet Stepback Lunge R:(60+/45+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • P2: 30 Sec Squats

Station 3: 5 Rounds Goblet Push Press & Med Ball Overhead Hold

  • P1: 30 Sec Goblet Push Press R:(60+/45+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • P2: 30 Sec Med Ball Overhead Hold R:(20/15)W:(15/12)B:(12/10)

Station 4: 5 Rounds Flutter Kicks & Plank

  • P1: 30 Sec Flutter Kicks
  • P2: 30 Sec Planks


Thursday:  11/16

3 Points

Attendance Point

Mind Games Point

Tall Kneeling Goblet Press Point


Days Starts with Team Week Event:

  1. Tall Kneeling Goblet Press Challenge:

Non Scored – KB Complex

R:(40+/30+) W:(30+/25+),B:(25+/20+)

3 x 5 Min KB Complex: This should be cardio!!

:30 Right Arm Swings

:30 Left Arm Swings

:10-:15 Sec Shake Out

:30 Right Arm Cleans

:30 Left Arm Cleans

:10-:15 Sec Shake Out

:30 Thruster Right Arm

:30 Thruster Left Arm

:10-:15 Sec Shake Out

:30 Hollow Hold

:30 Superman

1-2 Minutes Off

– Repeat –

2. Mind Games:



Friday: 11/17

4 Points

Attendance Point

Spirit Point

Pick Poison Point

Catchphrase Point


Team Week Finale: Spirit Day


Non-Scored: 10-Minutes Glute/Hip Station: – 3 Rounds of:

:30 Glute Bridge Raise (use kb for added challenge)

:30 Side Lying Leg Raises (left)

:30 Side Lying Leg Raises (right)

:30 Fire Hydrants or Straight Leg Raises (left)

:30 Fire Hydrants or Straight Leg Raises (right)

:30 Sec Rest



Team Week Finale: “Pick Your Poison”

Finisher Team Heads Ups:  8-10 Minutes



Saturday 11/18

Saturday HIIT

The Wheels: Groups of 4 45:15 Repeat each round 2x =8 min, 2 min rest between rounds

Rd 1:

TRX Reverse Plank


Side Lunge

Jump rope



Rd 2:

TRX Overhead Squat

Heel touches

Medball Lunge + Overhead MB press




Rd 3:

TRX Hamstring curl

Mountain Jacks

Superman Hold

Tricep Pushups