The Wednesday Wrap:  2/6/19

The Wednesday Wrap: A short list of fitness things that Kirkwood Head Trainer, Ethan Duff, is enjoying right now.

Video: Hip C.A.Rs
Article I Enjoyed:
The strength technique of Irradiation is technically called the Law of Irradiation. The Law of Irradiation was discovered by Sir Charles Scott Sherrington and is part of a group of physiological laws named the Sherrington Laws. Sherrington defined Irradiation as the ability of one muscle when it tenses strongly to recruit the tension of nearby muscles. 
Song I Enjoyed: Liz Cooper and The Stampede “Motions”
Gym Thoughts: 
Doctors can’t make you healthy.  Teachers can’t make you learn.  Trainers can’t make you fit.  At some point you have to realize your growth is your responsibility.  
Quote I’m Pondering: 
“Consistency before Intensity.”