The Wednesday Wrap: January 3rd 2018

The Wednesday Wrap: A short list of fitness things that Kirkwood Head Trainer, Ethan Duff, is enjoying right now.

Video: PVC Dip Mobility Drill
Article I Enjoyed: Is Endurance Training Killing Your Strength?

The moment that lingered in my mind after a recent triathlon-science conference came from a panel discussion with “gold-medal coaches,” including Iñaki Arenal, head of the Spanish high-performance team, and Malcolm Brown, coach of the Olympic-medal-winning Brownlee brothers. I asked the coaches to name the single biggest change in elite triathlon training in 2017 compared with a decade earlier. The answers had nothing to do with wearable tech or secret workouts. Instead both gave the same answer: strength training.

Song I Enjoyed: 9th Wonder – “LetMeRideSoul!!!!!

Quote I’m Pondering: 
“Your body is built to do hard things – its your mind you have to remind.”