Thruster/Burpee Challenge & Team Game – Friday, February 10 (O4W)


Thruster/Burpee Challenge

Working with a partner who is sharing the same bells, every minute on the minute, do 5 reps of 2KB Thrusters, then burpees for the remaining time. Partners switch every MINUTE until they complete the prescribed # of burpees.
RED – 80/50, 100 Burpees
WHITE – 60/40, 80 Burpees
BLUE – 50/30, 60 Burpees
Finish with a team game – working in teams of 3-4 (15-min max)

The goal is to be the first team to get through all of these Team tasks in the fastest time. Teams will not be able to go in order of the board so if equipment is taken, move on to another task.

– 400m OH MB run (stop sign & back). Everyone but 1 person has a MB as they run the 400m, and you can rotate who rests along the run.

– 1000m row: Split the row up into ¼ or 1/3 depending on group size

– 1000 jump rope singles (everyone can jump at the same time)

– 3 lap MB toss (2 balls in play per team, team members alternating every throw)

Finish with one lap of lunges, 1 person lunging at a time (2 if group of 4)