Thursday April 19 – :40/:20 Stations + The Price is Right

Thursday: 4/19

4 Rounds :40 sec on / :20 sec transition time

1 min rest b/t rounds

2 KB Push Press (45+/35+) (35+/25+) (25+/15+)

JG Mountain Climbers

Overhead Walking Lunges

ERG – Distance Goals: R (170-220m) W (130-170m) B (100 -150m)

Bird Dog (adv: Floating Bird Dog – knees hovering over the ground)

-Rest 1 min and repeat-

The Price is Right

Split class up in 3 teams. Give each team pen and paper for them to write down their guess. Team must hold a holding exercise (Plank, Squat hold, or Hip Bridge hold)  for 60 sec while discussing how much the item cost. After 60 sec are up, they will reveal their answer.

The 4 items will be presented one at a time.

Winner: 1 lap around the parking lot

Losers: 12 Burpees