Thursday August 16 – Unilateral Strength AMRAP

Thursday 8/16

30 Minute AMRAP: Unilateral

8x (Each Side) Jungle Gym SA Rows

8x (Each Side) Goblet KB Step Downs R:(50+/40+)W:(40+/30+)B:(30+/20+)

8x (Each Side) Kneeling Single Arm Press R:(45+/35+)W:(35+/25+)B:(25+/15+)

8x (Each Side) Single Leg Staggered Stance Deadlift  R:(53+/40+)W:(40+/30+)B:(30+/20+)


Shake up b/t Rounds: Ralph McGill Run / 400 meter Row / 2 min Bike @ 60% (half their :30 sec sprint watts and add 50 watts to determine 60%)