Thursday August 31 – Partners: In Strength and In Crime

12-Min Partner Strength:

Each partner pair will choose TWO lifts. One works while the other rests. They have 6-min per lift to perform sets of 5-7 reps (or max reps short of failure, if less than 5 reps). 60s break to gather bells for next movement. Choose 2:

-2KB Floor Press

-2KB Shoulder Press

-2KB Racked Step Back Lunge (rep range of 3-5 per leg)

-Heavy Bent Over Row OR Pullups (jungle gym, light bands, unassisted)


With remaining time, Partners In Crime – Partner style (one partner works while the other rests)

When partner 1 finishes the exercise, partner 2 immediately starts the same exercise. To allow for quick transitions, campers will not be sharing bells but they will each get their own bell(s), if possible.

15 KB Swings

8 Goblet Squats

15 Goblet Cleans

8 Pushups

15 Double Unders (sub 45 singles)