Thursday December 14 – Heavy Partner Tabata + Conditioning Ladder

Thursday: 12/14

Immediately after warm up: Partner pullups (5-min)

3 sets max pull-ups (5-8 assisted, using a band that allows them to do those reps unbroken)


Heavy Partner Tabata (12-min): One partner works the first 20 sec while other partner rests and switch such that each partner performs 1 set for 20 sec every minute. Each partner will complete 5 total sets over the 5-min. They’ll choose a weight they can move for 20 sec.

2KB Front Squats

  • Rest approx :90 to 2-min to switch out bells –

2KB See Saw Press


Conditioning Ladder  – Challenge them to get through it quickly. Slow it down on side plank touches and use it an opportunity to catch your breath. Everything else done at a fast pace with quick transitions  (15-min max)

20-16-12-8-4 (20 of everything, then 16, 12 . .)

– Speed Jumping jacks

– Mtn Climbers (per side)

– Jumping Lunges (total) or Step Back Lunges with knee drive (total) (add hop to progress it)

– KB Swings

– Side Plank Touches (total)

– MB Toe Taps (per side)