Thursday December 20th – 2K Row + TGU Skill Practice

Thursday:  12/20

Rowing Assessment: 2,000m Row in Turf Room

  • We will do this in Heats. Class size will determine heat numbers.

2K Row Strategy

1st 500m Focus: Starts: ½, ½, ¾, Full Stroke at a fast pace 10 Strokes at a high stroke Rate 30+, 10 Strokes to Settle in your race pace S/R 26-30S/R, Maintain.

2nd 500m Focus: Maintain your race pace / good posture / sit up tall / strong push

3rd 500m Focus:  Rowing at race pace: Power 10 (10 Strokes with a little more power through the drive.) Once you’ve completed your Power strokes you go back to your race pace.

4th 500m Focus: Rowing at race pace: Maintain Race Pace, 250m Left add two stroke rates I.E.: 26=28, 30=32, Final 100-150m All out Sprint: Goal here is shaving off :10 Secs for the full 100-150m.


10 Min Skill Turkish Get Ups 

Go over how to do the Turkish get up from the ground all the way up stand and back down to the ground. Then repeat on the other side.

Once both side have been completed have campers do 3 reps at a time per side and repeat for the remainder of the time .  Trainer can go around the room and help with form after going over TGU. Start without added weight, then progress from there.

Trainer will repeat this process with the second group post 2k Row.