Thursday January 17th – Strength Assessment: 2KB Squat + Tabata Mash Up

Thursday:  1/17

Station 1: Strength Assessment: 2KB Front Squat: 10-15 Minute Station

  • Strength: 2KB Front Squat 4-8 Rep Max

Mobility Board: AMRAP Moves (Focus slow movement on non-timed moves.)

1 Minute (Each Side) Ankle Mobility…rocking in and out with over pressure.

1 Minute Frogger Hold

1 Minute 90/90 Exploration

5x Reps Each Side with :5 Sec Holds Supine Hip Passive/Active Hip Flexion

Followed By Station 2: 

16 Min Tabata Mash Up – 4 RNDS of :20/:10×2 = 1 Min of work before you switch

  • 2KB Stepback Lunge (Suitcase): R:(53+/45+) W:(40+/35+) B:(30+/25+)
  • 2KB Suitcase March: R:(53+/45+) W:(40+/35+) B:(30+/25+)
  • Push Up: B: TRX Chest Press R: KB Push Ups
  • High Plank Hold R: Extended Arm Plank