Thursday January 18 – Strong Together

Thursday: 1/18

Strong Together

Have campers partner up. While 1 partner works on a strength exercise, the other works on another exercise. Switch when Strength set is complete. Partners must complete all sets before moving on and they can go in whatever order they would like.

5 sets x 6 reps per person

  1. Sumo or 2 KB Deadlift with Resisted Kneeling Hip Bridges

  2. 1 KB Half Kneeling Press (each side) with Wall Angels

  3. 2 KB Front Squat with Froggers

  4. 1 KB Floor Press with PVC Pass Throughs

  5. 2 KB Racked Lunge (each side) with runners lunge


They should take them at the very least 5 min per lift but if time does remain have them AMRAP stability exercises

5 x Hip Cars (each side)

5 x SLOW shoulder taps (each side)

5 x Donkey Kicks (each leg)

5 x Prone swimmers