Thursday January 26 – 2 x18 Min Stations Rowing & AMRAP

Thursday: 1/26

2x 18 Minute Partner Stations 

Partner 18 Min Rowing Station:  500m Repeats: 1st, 3rd, 4th 500m 2K Strategy

The goal here is to Row each part of our 2K Strategy. I Go, You Go fashion. 

1st 500m Focus: Starts: ½, ½, ¾, Full Stroke at a fast pace 10 Strokes at a high stroke Rate 30+, 10 Strokes to Settle in your race pace S/R 26-30S/R, Maintain. 

3rd 500m Focus: Get rowing at race pace: Power 10 (10 Strokes with a little more power through the drive.) or Triple 7’s: 7x Power/On Stokes 3x Easy/Off Strokes repeated 3 times. Once you’ve completed your Power strokes you go back to your race pace. 

4th 500m Focus: Get rowing at race pace: Maintain Race Pace, 250m Left add two stroke rates I.E.: 26=28, 30=32, Final 100m All out Sprint: Goal here is shaving off :10 Secs for the full 100m. 

18 Min AMRAP: 

– 5x Pull Ups (8x-10x TRX Pull Up or Rows) 

– 10x Squat Jumps 

– 15x Push Ups 

– 12x Kneeling Banded Lifts (Total 6 / Side)