Thursday January 5th – 5 RNDS

Thursday: 1/5

ROWING  2K Time Trials Only 2 Heats: We will schedule this T,TH,F in order to get everyone a Baseline fresh 2K time for the month leading up to the ERG Sprints on February 4th. The goal is that if you are doing the 2K this day you aren’t doing anything beforehand. On the day you do your 2K test you will jump back into the workout afters. 

Non-Assessed: 5 Rnds or 20 Min Time Cap 

– 5x Pull Ups  (6x-10xTRX Pull Up)

– 10x 2KB Thrusters 

– 10x (Total) KB Goblet Side Lunge  

– 10x Burpees 

8 Min Glute Hip Group Finisher