Thursday July 13 – 6 Min Strength EMOM + Disappearing Act

6-Min Strength EMOM. CHOOSE ONE:

2KB Step Back Lunge 4/leg x 3 MIN

Goblet Lunges 4/leg x 3 MIN – max bodyweight stepback lunges for remainder of the minute  


2KB See Saw Press 4/arm x 3 rounds

1-Arm Push Press 4/arm x 3 MIN –  max band shoulder press for remainder of the minute


Disappearing Act (23-min)

The first exercise will last :30, and will be followed by :30 rest. Each round you will add one exercise, but the rest will stay the same. After we get to all 6 exercises the next round #1 will disappear, and so on until 6 is the only and final exercise.

  1. KB Swings  

  2. Star Crunches

  3. Mtn Climber Pushups (6 total mtn climbers to 1 pushup)

  4. Sumo Squats

  5. Superman

  6. Burpees