Thursday July 19th – KB Furnace & “Cool Runnings”:  2×15 Minute Stations

Thursday:  7/19

KB Furnace & “Cool Runnings”:  2×15 Minute Stations


KB Furnace: 3 x 5 Min RNDS


  • This should be cardio!!
  • Pick a heavy bell and try to use it for the movements.


:30 Right Arm Cleans (Dead Stop / Swing Clean)

:30 Left Arm Cleans (Dead Stop / Swing Clean)

:10-:15 Sec Shake Out

:30 Right Arm Kneeling Windmill

:30 Left Arm Kneeling Windmill

:10-:15 Sec Shake Out

:30 Thruster Right Arm

:30 Thruster Left Arm

:10-:15 Sec Shake Out

:30 Hollow Hold

:30 Superman

1 Minute Off

– Repeat –


“Cool Runnings”:  Team Sled Circuit Groups 4-6 on Sleds Continuous sled sprints for the next 15 Minutes.
– Split Groups in half with ultimate goal of 4-6 Campers per sled. Thats means 2 – 3 On each side of a sled.

– Trainer will assign sled groups during warm up on whiteboard.

– 20m Sprint Sled Pull (TRX Straps Under Arms facing away from Sled)  – Get in back of line on opposite side.

– The next person up Sprint Pushes the Sled Back 20m.
– We will continue in this fashion for 15 minutes trying to see how many touches your team can get.

– Perform 5x Squats on each side when you get to the back of each line.