Thursday June 14th – Death By Burpees + Partner Ladder

Thursday:  6/14

Death By Burpees: Maybe 14 Minutes

Minute 1 Everyone Starts @ 4 Burpees Rest with remainder of the minute

Next Minute add + 1 Burpee Until Failure


Finish With 15 Min Partner Ladder: I Go You Go

  • 10/8/6/4/2 Reps
  • Newbies Start at 6/4/2

– Pull Ups (Partner Pull Up Holding Legs or TRX Pull Ups)

– KB Goblet Step Downs R:(40+/30+) W:(30+/25+) B:(20+/15+) (Stay on One Leg before switching)

– Dips

– Lemon Squeezes B: Ab Rocker



10x Pull Ups 10x Steps Downs (Total 5/ Side) 10x Dips 10x Lemon Squeeze

8x Pull Ups 8x Steps Downs (Total 4/ Side)  8x Dips 8x Lemon Squeeze

6x Pull Ups 6x Steps Downs (Total 3/ Side) 6x Dips 6x Lemon Squeeze

4x Pull Ups 4x Steps Downs (Total 2/ Side)  4x Dips 4x Lemon Squeeze

2x Pull Ups 2x Steps Downs (Total 1/ Side) 2x Dips 2x Lemon Squeeze