Thursday June 21 – “Let the Beat Build”

Thursday: 6/21

30 Minute AMRAP: “Let The Beat Build”

Run Builds in Distance on each RND:

  • 1st RND Parking Lot

  • 2nd RND Ralph McGill

  • 3rd RND Blue Mailbox

  • 4th RND Beltline Posts

– 12x Band Tricep Press Downs

– 8x (Total 4 / Side) Kneeling Single Arm Press R:(53+/40+) W:(40+/30+) B:(30+/20+)

– 6x 2 KB Squat R:(53+/40+) W:(35+/30+) B:(25+/20+)

– 4x Touches (width of the gym) 1 KB Overhead Carry: R:(53+/40+) W:(40+/30+) B:(30+/20+)

  • Out and Back, then switch sides

– Repeat