Thursday June 27 – Partner Strength + Short AMRAP KB Conditioning

Thursday 6/27

KB Strength and Conditioning


KB Partner Strength: 15 min

6-5-4-3-2 reps with a partner (I go, you go)


2 KB Squats

KB Bent Over Row (each side)

2 KB Suitcase DL


Early finishers: Pullup practice

5 Scapula Pullups (hang from bar with straight arms, engage lats/scap, disengage/lower, repeat)

Max Active Hollow Hang from bar

Max Flexed Arm Hang with chin over the bar (pullup or chin up grip)



KB Conditioning: 13 min

3 x 2 min AMRAPs: Working on a 6-min continuously running clock. Rest 1 min and repeat.

(2 bells needed: 1 bell for 1st and 3rd / 1 bell for 2nd)


1st 2 min: 5 x Goblet Squat / 5 x High Pull

2nd 2 min: 6 x 1 arm Push Press (total) / 6 x 1 KB Clean (total)

3rd 2 min: 8 x KB Swings (same as goblet squat and high pull) / 8 x Goblet Step Back Lunge (total)

Rest 1 min and repeat