Thursday June 29 – 6 Min Strength EMOM + Partner I Go, You Go

6-Min Strength EMOM


2KB Step Back Lunge 4/leg x 3 MIN

Goblet Lunges 4/leg x 3 MIN – perform max bodyweight stepback lunges for remainder of the minute  


2KB See Saw Press 4/arm x 3 rounds

1-Arm Push Press 4/arm x 3 MIN – perform max band shoulder press for remainder of the minute


With remaining time (approx 25-min) finish with Partner I Go, You Go: One partner starts on the repped exercise while the other performs the other exercise until the reps are complete. Switch positions & repeat. Go in any order as equipment is available. Partners will work through all prescribed rounds of each exercise couplet before moving on to the next couplet.

R – 5 rounds (per partner), W – 4 rounds, B – 3 rounds

20 KB Swings + Glute Bridge Raises

Farmers Carry (4 widths of the gym) + Box Jumps   

25 Heavy Rope Slams + Plank Hold

6 Hanging Leg Raises/Knees to Chest/Lying Leg Raises + Hollow Ab Hold

20 Wall Ball + JG Tricep Press