Thursday March 15 – Partner Sprints + Band Work OR Crazy 8’s

Thursday: 3/15

If weather permits: Partner Uphill Sprints (Freedom Parkway Path)

Alternate b/t suicide sprints and exercises. First 12-15 min on AMRAP 1, then switch to AMRAP 2

P1: Sprinting up the hill and walking back to recover. Starting with sprinting to the furthest cone at the top of the hill and moving their way down.

P2: Band and Body weight exercises until P1 is done with their 4 sprints.

AMRAP 1                      AMRAP 2

10 Bicep curls             10 Squat Jumps

8 Tricep extension        8 Curtsey Lunges (each side)

6 Shoulder press          6 Sumo Squats

4 Front Raises              4 Lunge with a power knee drive (each side)

Morning classes will do the following instead of sprints:

Crazy 8’s

Working in groups of 3. Rower is the timekeeper. When rower completes 500 m, players rotate to the next station.

P1. 500 m Row

P2. Band AMRAP until P1 is done with row

P3. Bodyweight AMRAP until P1 is down with row

Band AMRAP:                   

8 Bicep curls

8 Tricep extension

8 Shoulder press

8 Front Raises

Bodyweight AMRAP:

8 Box Jumps (sub 8 lateral step ups per side, as needed, if legs are too fatigued, etc.)

8 Curtsey Lunges (each side)

8 Sumo Squats

8 Lunges with a power knee drive (each side)