Thursday March 2nd – 3 x 10 Min Stations: Rowing, Pull Ups, Deadlifts

Thursday: 3/2

3 x 10 Min Stations: 2 Min Rest BTWN Stations

Station 1: Rowing

10 Min Row @ 10 Secs Slower than your Target 2K Pace.

I.E. – If your Target 2K Pace is 2:00 you’d maintain a 2:10 Pace for this 10 min Row.  

Basis of all Aerobic Baseline Programs long endurance pieces to build off of.

Station 2: KB Deadlift & Hollow Hold & Push Ups 

8x 2KB Deadlift R:(60+/50+), W:(50+/40+), B:(40+/30+) 

– Follow Each Set of Deadlifts with a 30 Count Hollow Hold 

– Start at knees bent progression 

5x Push Ups 

Station 3: Pull Up Progression

Newbies go through Progression. Also if you haven’t been here in awhile do the progression.  

6x-8x Reps NEW Progression

  • Dead Hang / Attempt
  • Assisted (TRX Only)
  • 2 Sets of Max Reps (w/ band)
  • Negative (Goal of a :5 Sec Hold :5 Full Lower)

Non Assisted Pull Ups: Complete 5 Sets of max reps. Rest as needed to be strong on each set. RM = Rep Max