Thursday May 10th –  Partner KB Complex + Carry & Hold Series

Thursday:  5/10

15 min  Partner KB Complex + Core:

  • Core Moves: Pull Up Dead Hang, Plank, Side Plank, Side Plank, Repeat
  • Partner #1 New KB Complex

1x Swing

2x Clean

3x Squat

4x Step Back Lunge(Leg holding KB)  

  • Switch same on Left Side.
  • Partner #2 Core


Rest 2 Mins/ Set up Partner KB Carry Series:


12 Minute Carry & Hold Series: AMRAP

Partner # 1 Carry Series (In Middle of the Gym)

4x Touches 2KB  Farmer Carry: 2xKB (70+/50+)

4x Touches (ES) Suitcase 1xKB  (70+/50+)

4x Touches(ES) Overheard: 1xKB @ (53+/35+)

Partner #2 Holds Series: (Against Walls in Gym)  

Wall Sit

Kettlebell Extended Arm Hold

Yellow Bar Hold B: V Hold / Ab Rocker Hold  

  • Switch Off Hold Once Partner Finishes Carry.