Thursday May 11th – Strength Development + E.M.O.M

Thursday: 5/11

Week 7: New 12 Weeks Strength Development: Up Weight or Up REPS

2KB Walking Lunge 5×5 (Each Leg)

2KB Deadlift 4×12

If you are Deadlifting Today: 1 Set Max Pull Ups, Assisted or Unassisted.

  • This will be be done before you start your Deadlifting.
  • Pick a Band that you could do 8-10 Reps Max with.

[If you’d like to continue your progression stay at Squat and Press]Change Squat and Press Rep Schemes 5×5 for first 4 weeks 5×3 for second 4 weeks 3×3 for last 4 weeks.

Stability: / Activation: Hip Hover and Reach :30 Each Side, 90/90 Pales and Rails

Mobility: Should C.A.R.S + PVC Pass

Followed by 15 Minutes of “GO”


1st Min:  10x Push Ups R: All Toe, W: ½ T, ½ K, B: All Knee 

2nd Min: 10x 2KB Push Press R(40+/30+)W(30+/20+)B(20+/15+)  

3rd Min:  10x Swings R(60+/40+)W(45+/ 35+)B(40+/30+)

R: Start @ 10x + 2 Reps = 90 of Each W: 10x = 50 of Each B: 6x = 30 of Each