Thursday October 5 – Strength 25/20/15

Strength 25/20/15

4 min per exercise couplet as follows: 25 sec of heavy KB movement, 20 sec of power movement, 15 sec rest. Repeat for 4 RNDS before moving on to next couplet.

:60 rest/transition to switch out bells as needed

Station #1: 4 RNDS

25 sec – 2KB Shoulder Press

20 sec – 1-Arm Push Press (switch sides every RND) – using 1 of their shoulder press bells

15 sec – Rest


Station #2 – 4 RNDS

2KB Racked Walking or Step Back Lunges

Reverse Lunge w/knee drive (can add hop at the top) (switch legs every RND)



Station #3 – 4 RNDS

2KB Heavy Floor Press

Mtn Climbers



Station #4 – 4 RNDS

Heavy Bent-Over Row (switch side every RND)

Heavy Rope Slams



Finish as a group with:

Swings on the Minute x 3 RNDS 

10 KB Swings at the top of every minute, then finish out the minute on the following:

Glute Bridge Raises


Russian Twists