Live Fit Winner, TJ – 1, Moving Boxes – 0

Hi FitWit Nation!

I am still loving working out with everyone!  I rave to my friends and really anyone who makes the mistake to asks what I’ve been up to about FitWit. Each workout I find something new that I didn’t know I could do.  Sometimes it is as simple as surviving the workout after a long day or week. Other times it’s those moments that I really love where I know I’m ready for a heavier weight.

Even four months in, I’m still amazed every time Matt or Lisa says, “If you can do X number of reps and could keep going then you should increase your weight” and I’m that person. My face doesn’t always show it. Sometimes it really disagrees with the suggestion but I still give it a try. (I’m known for my faces and people learn quickly that they are really a distraction tactic—maybe I shouldn’t let that out!) The other times I realize it’s time to increase the weight are when I go to select my kettlebell. I have been known to think, “hmm that’s kinda light…” These are the times that I am particularly proud. Here’s the thing we all know, no one would think twice if I picked up the same weight I had the last time. I don’t give into that fleeting thought because I keep my reason for showing up in mind: stronger and faster! (I’m pretty sure a set or two in, the trainer of the day would suggest a weight increase anyways…).  So during a workout, it is sometimes easy to find those growth points. Someone says, “Nice work! Looking good!” or you can measure your  progress with objective numbers (aka the timed Tuesdays).

Here’s the thing, I pay attention to the progress outside of the gym too. I have been realizing more and more that my in the gym strength is translating into real world strength.  Recently, I moved and I have way too much stuff, but that is for a whole other type of post. However, the boxes were actually easier to move than ever before! I could move boxes around and into different spots.  I didn’t have to take breaks after every box. Awesome sauce! I know I shouldn’t really be that amazed because I have been putting in the work but it is a great feeling to see it pay off in other areas of life that aren’t a race or a workout.

My biggest ‘Ahha’ moment was just the other day. As some of you may know, I am a Run Lead for Atlanta Track Club. We are now in the midst of Peachtree Road Race training. I’m a site coordinator and get supplies for my location. But to make a long story short, we needed cases of water. I was able to squat and lift the cases without wondering if I was going to need to take the next day off. I was able to load those cases of water like they were six-packs (at least that is what I told myself on the 5th case!). Now don’t get me wrong, I could feel the weight but with good form and my new found strength, I didn’t need to ask for help (Another thing I probably should just keep to myself ‘cause people will know it’s just the lazy in me when I have someone else do it for me from now on…) I love that it is now a choice rather than a necessity to have someone else do the heavy lifting.


I’m going to keep pushing and lifting heavier bells to keep moving forward on this journey. For those of you wondering about my battle against the jump rope, I’m up to 15 singles in a row. I’m taking the jump rope option when offered rather than some other kind of “break.” The battle continues…


Telling it #oneswingatatime,


FitWit Live Fit Winner 2017

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