TJ Tells It: 7 Workouts In


Hi FitWit Nation!

First of all, THANK YOU for welcoming me and giving encouragement through each of the last 7 workouts! I survived! I have enjoyed each workout (maybe not every exercise– to be read as burpees but then who actually likes a burpee?!?!). I can already see some improvements in my abilities.  If nothing else, I can convince myself to eek out 1 more before time is called or 1 more hill repeat while marathon training.

Each workout has been a new challenge that comes with the added bonus of discovering a new muscle or two:

  • Newbie Day 1: I am jump rope challenged. But you know what? I’m going to brag about my 7 singles in a row!  Casey was polite about it and said, “I think you get excited on the second jump.” Yes that’s it; I have been excited on that second jump…all my life.

  • Newbie Day 2: I made it through kettlebell training without hitting myself in the face or dropping it. (I won’t mention that Casey decided to take a few steps back from us.) #safetyfirst

  • Workout 3: 3 minutes can be a very long and a very short.

  • Workout 4: “Surprise” written on the workout board is code word for “be afraid be very afraid.” Actually, the surprise turned out to be rowing, which I don’t mind (even if it requires me to be semi-coordinated)

  • Workout 5: See description of workout 3. It was confirmed beyond a doubt that the 3 minutes is both longer and shorter than I thought during workout 3.  The added bonus was it was the first time I tried an evening FitWit class!

  • Workout 6: I like rowing (even if it is for 8 minutes straight). Plus I was pleasantly surprised I made it to the workout.  I was really afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get out of the bed, let alone make it through a workout. Tuesday is a hard day for me because I have speed training in the morning, and this week was hill repeats.

  • Workout 7: I can survive 4 workouts in a row. My shoulders may beg to differ but I’m excited to do it again next week. #whosgoingtofeedmetoday

I said 2017 is the year of being uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure the word is out.  Well, thanks FitWit trainers for giving my Instagram followers new entertainment (@tjtellsit).  I’m looking forward to a great year of getting stronger, faster, and making new friends!

Telling it #onerepatatime,


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