Tuesday April 17 – Partner KB Strength + Conditioning

Tuesday: 4/17

Partner KB Strength + Conditioning

On a Tabata clock (4 min / 8 intervals) in an I go, you go fashion (Partners will alternate intervals, so they will work for 20 sec and then have 40 sec rest until they go again)

2 KB Front Squat

2 KB Strict Press

2 KB Racked Lunge

Finish with: 18 min Partner Run Ladder

As Partner 1 Runs, Partner 2 does an exercise(s) until they come back. Then switch and repeat, going down in distance.

1st Run: To the beltline                 1st Exercise: Max Handstand Hold > Bear Crawl

2nd Run: To the blue mailbox       2nd Exercise: Max Pull Ups > Bar Hang

3rd Run: Ralph McGill Run             3rd Exercise: 5 x KB Cleans (alternate sides)

4th Run: Parking lot lap               4th Exercise: 5 x KB Rows (alternate sides)