Tuesday April 24 – The Tower of Tara + Team Week

Tuesday: 4/24

3 Points – Attendance Point, Cone Touchdown, and Speed Cornhole

The Tower of Tara (aka the Tara Mullin) (time cap 20 min)

30 Wall Balls (B – 20)

30 Burpees  (B – 20)

20 Wall Ball  (B – 15)

20 Burpees (B – 15)

10 Wall Balls

10 Burpees

1600m Run (2 laps around the building) (B – 800 meter run/1 lap around building)

Early Finishers: Pull Ups (Max unassisted sets / 5-8 reps assisted)


Followed by TEAM WEEK:

Split each teams up in half and let them decide who will be competing in Cone Touchdown and who will compete in Speed Cornhole

Cone Touchdown: From the rig to the rowers we will split the gym in 2 halfs, lining up cones in a line down the middle. When we say go, each team has 60 sec to run and grab a cone and bring it to their endzone. Once all cones are gone from the middle, the teams now can steal cones from the other teams endzone until time is up. Objective is to have more cones than the other team. This is a no contact or obstruction competition!

We will do 3 matches like this, with a 30 sec rest/ set up b/t matches. Best 2 out of 3 wins.

Speed Cornhole: Each team will line up behind their line and shoot one bag per person. Once team member shot their bag, they must run and retrieve it. Bringing the bag to the next person without one. 3 bags per team. Highest score after 1-min wins. (3 matches 30 sec rest b/t matches. Best 2 out of 3 gets the point.)

Points: 3 in the hole, 1 on the board